FROM FINLAND TO ALL OF YOU: Vision Fly Fishing is celebrating its 20th anniversary in fly fishing tackle designing and development. Being one of the leading European fly fishing tackle brands it is well-known for its innovative and youthful approach throughout its mid-priced repertoire. The owner of the Vision brand, Vision Group Ltd, is also the owner of the Keeper fly fishing brand. Keeper was originally developed close to 10 years ago to better serve company's expanding client base in Finland and beyond. In general, the price range of Keeper products is somewhat lower than what we have in Vision, but on the other hand it includes several products not available from Vision. Hence these two fly fishing brands support each other nicely.


Fly Fishing is not only a fun sport for us. We at Vision also love developing fly tackle and promoting this great way of using your valuable free time. Being serious but having fun at the same time and not forgetting the main issues of fly fishing has taken us to the position we have today. There's Vision in fly fishing in 40 countries world wide. Besides the official Vision Website there are two separate websites for Vision's premium product families: XO and Merisuola. Grab a cup of coffee and check them out. We are sure that you will find something interesting.


Join the Cult. In 2017 we have our 20th anniversary in fly fishing tackle designing and development. This 2017 catalog includes 121 pages of Vision fly fishing tackle. Enjoy and tight lines.


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