FROM FINLAND TO ALL OF YOU - Keeper is a fly fishing tackle brand created by a Finnish tackle manufacturer Vision Group Ltd. Our current range includes all essential fly fishing equipment you need in order to fully enjoy your fly fishing adventures. The main philosophy behind the Keeper brand is based on two separate observations: A) Trout-don't-recognize-logos and B) Learning-by-doing is the right way to go.


A wild trout is always a worthy opponent. Being an outcome of millions of years of evolution, it has a finely tuned sensory system adapted perfectly to its watery environment. Sometimes consecutive close inspections and rejections of our flies will drive us crazy and make us believe that we have been outsmarted by this beautiful creature. Maybe so, but one thing is for sure – the brand name in your rod or in your waders means nothing to the fish. It only cares what kind of fly you are using to imitate natural prevailing food sources and how you are offering that fly to it. That is all - well at least when we simplify things a bit.


Most of us have certain financial restrictions that we unfortunately have to follow. In this context it means that we can spend only so much for our common passion - fly fishing. Fly fishing is all about deceiving cautious creatures in their own game. Tackle is of course a part of our hobby, but does it have to take a major portion of our annual fly fishing budget? Do we have to buy expensive rods, reels or waders? We think not. Instead, we prefer walking to the nearest travel agency or loading our truck. Getting some new experiences and learning through the hard way, the only way - and we are smiling all the time.

If you agree with the above thoughts, please go ahead and check out what we have for you. We offer good quality fly fishing equipment at very reasonable prices. We want you to have more money for those precious moments when a nice trout comes under your fly and everything else seems to be disappearing around you. You hold your breathe and think how great everything is. That is FLY FISHING.